Raspberry Pi Drives Custom Retro Gaming CRT TV

There’s nothing quite like playing old school games on old school hardware and no one knows that better than maker and developer JamHamster. Today we’re excited to share an update on JamHamster’s Raspberry Pi retro CRT TV gaming console project which began a few months back and has finally reached a point of completion as demonstrated in a video shared this week to Twitter.

We first covered the progress on this project in late March, showing off the beautiful interior and custom metalwork used as a mounting platform that JamHamster took the time to design from scratch. The hardware rests inside of an old Realistic brand Portavision 7 TV purchased used online. This project reuses the shell of the television but also takes advantage of the flexibility of more modern tech. Gone is the large glass CRT screen, in favor of an IPS screen and curved lens giving the 4:3 image that retro look. Running the show is a Raspberry Pi which uses an RGBerry HAT to add RGBS and SCART outputs for a more classic retro gaming experience using an actual CRT television. That said, an external display isn’t necessary as this build features an 8-inch IPS screen housed behind a thick curved lens crafted by JamHamster from a solid chunk of acrylic. This lens creation process was detailed thoroughly on his blog.

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