Sony’s Recent PS Plus Patch Adds Ghosting To Some Retro Games

Now that it’s the end of May, Sony’s new PS Plus revamp is in full effect in Asia, and it recently put out a new patch that has added ghosting to some games. With the new PS Plus, one of the bigger highlights for fans of the retro consoles was the addition of classic games to the service. You’d need to be on PS Plus Premium to get access to these titles in the catalog.

Sounds good, right? For the most part, it is, if you’re a fan of those older classic games. But it seems things aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. TechRader reports that some classic games, like Jumping Flash, Kurushi, and Everybody’s Golf, have fallen prey to ghosting artifacts as part of the new PS Plus patch.

PS Plus patch adds ghosting to some classic games

The patch was meant to improve the refresh rate for PS1 Classics titles. Prior to the patch, games were running at 50Hz as Sony used 50Hz PAL versions of the titles. Sony then put out this patch which upscaled the PAL code to 60Hz. And that’s where the ghosting comes in. According to Twitter user Windy Corner TV, you can see the comparison of Jumping Flash! prior to the patch and after it was applied through the update.

The results are, not great. And as of right now there doesn’t appear to be any word from Sony on what will be done to fix the issue. Interestingly though, the ghosting artifacts don’t appear for all PS1 Classics titles. And that’s because some of those games use the 60Hz NTSC version. Such as Tekken 2.

Sony is also likely to put out another patch which will hopefully correct this problem. But as of now there’s no guarantee that will happen. If the issue is fixed with another patch, that bodes well for anyone that lives where the new PS Plus plans aren’t yet available.

Then again if you weren’t planning on playing any of these classic games, it doesn’t matter for you either way. Still, it’s not a good start for the PS Plus Revamp.

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