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We were dumbfounded when Spiritfarer launched in late 2020. The indie game, which is both a management simulator and an action sandbox, tugs at your heartstrings as you repeatedly pilot people toward the afterlife. And soon, Spiritfarer will come to mobile—but only if you have Netflix subscription.

Much like the Stranger Things games, Spiritfarer is a Netflix exclusive on mobile devices. It arrives on the Netflix Gaming platform “soon” and will live alongside other titles in the Netflix mobile app. (Just tap the “gaming ” tab in the Netflix app to play these exclusives on iOS or Android.)

To Netflix credit, Spiritfarer is an impressive catch. Players take the role of Stella, someone who dies and takes the place of Charon (you know, the afterlife boat guy from Greek mythology). Your job is to boat around, find spirits, and take them to their final resting place after learning their story and crying a bunch.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Spiritfarer is full of bright colors, fun adventures, pretty music, and lots of hopeful conversations. I guess that’s why it’s one of the most impressive indie games of the decade.

Again, Netflix says that Spiritfarer is coming to mobile “soon.” Subscribers can play the game at no extra charge. You can also buy the game on Steam, Switch, or PS4 for between $20 and $30.

Source: Netflix via Engadget

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