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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 3 Months Now Only $1 AGAIN! Here’s How to Get It

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for three (3) months is almost free, costing only $1, yet again, which is far lower than its $15 monthly price.

The video game subscription service of Microsoft, the Xbox Games Pass, never fails to fill its subscribers with a bunch of exciting game offerings.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months $1, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox, Microsoft,

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Xbox game pass gift cards are seen in a store in Krakow, Poland on August 26, 2021

Not to mention that the game streaming service is coming to Samsung TVs sometime this year, as per a news story by Business Insider. It gives gaming folks out there to get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

More recently, the renowned tech giant, Microsoft, revealed a long list of upcoming games, which also grace Xbox Game Pass on the day of its release.

All that said, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives away tons of exciting offers, which are not limited to first-party releases of games. It also carries gaming titles from third-party publishers.

Game Spot could not help but praise the whole service. According to its recent report, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is pretty much a massive bargain already even with its regular pricing.

So, the returning promo of the service, which requires subscribers to only pay a dollar to enjoy three months of Game Pass Ultimate, is absolutely a deal that you should not miss at all.

Considering that Microsoft announced a couple of upcoming titles during its recent Xbox Bethesda Showcase, it gives more reason not to ignore the $1 detail.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 3 Months ($1)

Game Spot notes in its report that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has always welcomed its new subscribers for their first month in the video game service.

Microsoft only asked them a dollar, but they have to pay the regular $15 pricing for the second month onwards.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months $1, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox, Microsoft,

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Microsoft Xbox executive Sarah Bond promotes the new Xbox Game Pass at the Microsoft Xbox press event ahead of the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles on June 9, 2019.

However, from time to time, Microsoft has a promo wherein the first three months of Game Pass Ultimate only cost a buck. While it pops up every now and then, it is actually a rare sighting.

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Xbox Game Pass Deal: How to Get

Thankfully, the massive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal has made its much-awaited comeback.

New and returning subscribers of the gaming service could get their hands on it for only a dollar, at least for the first three months.

For that price, subscribers get hundreds of gaming titles for both PC and Xbox gaming consoles.

Here’s the link to subscribe to the 3-month $1 deal of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which should give you roughly around $44 of savings.

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