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Art, video games part of College For Kids summer camps

Jun. 14—DANVILLE — Twelve-year-old Oliva Waldron, who attends Schlarman Academy, is looking forward to her College For Kids camps at Danville Area Community College this summer.

While she was doing a pen and ink drawing last week in the Art Studio 101 class taught by Leslie Sconce with DACC’s Community Education, she said she also was going to be participating in the YouTube and Minecraft classes.

DACC’s College for Kids camps kicked off last week with a variety of class choices for area students. Classes will continue through the end of July.

At one art session, the students started a class by watching a video about doing pen and ink drawings.

“I try to introduce them to different mediums, artistic mediums, and we always have examples, so we have to learn,” Sconce said about last week’s art camp.

They did charcoal drawings one day. They started with basic instruction and then all drew a picture together. Then they have some creative leeway.

“So, creativity is a big, huge thing in here,” Sconce said.

The students last week also did tie-dye, which Sconce said was super fun.

“We all had a blast,” she said, with the students agreeing and looking at their cloth creations.

Sconce said they learned the different techniques for tie-dyeing, and they used the four basic ones.

“Every day there’s something new,” she said about their creations.

At the end of the week, they worked with clay and made door signs.

Sconce had four different sessions this summer of the art camp.

In the past, College For Kids was a week-long program with classes all day each day.

Now they broke it up into different sessions, so they have something going on all summer, to fit different schedules and needs for families.

The nine students in attendance at last week’s art class were having fun being creative.

“My circle is kind of lopsided,” said Lillian Brewer, who is homeschooled.

She also took an art class in the spring.

“They don’t have to be perfect. We’re just learning techniques,” Sconce replied back.

When they moved onto drawing a circle with dots inside, and still with shadow and a light source on the left side, Lillian said, “I think this looks the nicest, but takes the longest.”

“You got it,” Sconce said told the students.

Eleven-year-old Aunna Park, who attends school in Oakwood, said art is fun.

Laura Hensgen, director of Community Education at DACC, said one of the new camps this year is video game design.

Costs vary for the camps, and DACC’s College For Kids Camps are filled on a first-come first-served basis.

DACC College For Kids Camps offered include: Jaguar Basketball Camp, Sports Media Camp, Minecraft, eSports Action, Video Game Development (three levels which must be taken in sequence), Welding (levels I and II must be taken in sequence) I Love Stem!, Art Studio 101, Explore Pottery, DACC Master Baker, YouTube Star, Shining Star, First Gig Rock Camp, DJ Mix-a-Lot and Music Producer. Camp ages vary from 8-18.

For a complete listing of camps with course description visit Register at or call Community Education at 217-554-1667.

The Community Education Office is located on the DACC campus in the Clock Tower Center Room 106, 2000 E. Main St., Danville.

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