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Writer in New Jersey — Money Diary

Occupation: Teacher/Writer
Industry: Education
Age: 32
Location: Northern New Jersey
My Salary: ~$50,000 (this varies and is an average as I work contract/freelance)
My Husband’s Salary: $92,000
Net Worth: $110,107.82 (Assets: HYSA: $85,000 (spread across various funds for travel and savings, etc), my husband’s IRA accounts: $13,500, my IRA accounts: $52,500, my 403(b) account: ~$980, investments: $4,068.85 minus debt.)
Debt: $5,500 (car loan), $36,800 (husband’s student loans), $3,641.03 (my student loans)
My Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $844.62 (this changes since I’m freelance)
My Husband’s Paycheck (2x/month): $2,821.60
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $2,350 (includes heat/hot water/sewage/amenities fee) for a one-bedroom that share with my husband
Parking: $132
Gas/Electric: $62
Car Payment: $260
My Student Loans: $1,000
My Husband’s Student Loans: $0 (currently deferred).
Health Insurance: $0 (my husband’s employer pays for both of us)
Car Insurance: $900 every six months
Dental Insurance: $90
Phone/Internet: $190
NY Times: $30
Spotify Family Plan: $14
Streaming: $30
LibroFM: $15
Donations: $40 (public radio, Planned Parenthood, local food bank)
IRAs: $750 combined
HYSA: ~$300
403(b): 5% of my paycheck (employer contributes 8%, my husband’s company does not provide retirement options)
Betterment: $25
Annual Expenses:
Rental Insurance: $92
Jewelry Insurance: $200
Physical Therapy Insurance: $160

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