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Nintendo Switch top 10 best-sellers: Mario Kart 8 hits 45 million

Nintendo’s first-party giants continue to dominate the platforms best-seller charts.


Nintendo’s recent full-year performance shows strong consistent earnings across both hardware and software sales. The company sold more games in FY22 than the record-breaking FY21 period, driven by continued momentum in key first-party hits.

Nintendo Switch top 10 best-sellers: Mario Kart 8 hits 45 million 6 |

Charting Nintendo’s top 10 best-selling Switch games shows little deviation in games placement. The overall selection is the same as it was last quarter–Mario Kart 8 still leads the race and now has 45 million+ copies sold, followed up by surprise mega-hit Animal Crossing New Horizons, which is now at 38.6 million sales.

The one small placement change was that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (14.65 million) bumped Pokemon Let’s Go! Eevee & Pikachu (14.53 million) into ninth place. The other standings are basically the same. These strong game sales have significantly contributed to the Switch’s $62.8 billion earnings.

Here’s a breakdown of the top-10 best-selling Switch games:

Nintendo Switch Top 10 Best-Sellers

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 45.33
  2. Animal Crossing NH 38.64
  3. Super Smash Bros. 28.17
  4. Breath of the Wild 26.55
  5. Pokemon Sword & Shield 24.27
  6. Super Mario Odyssey 23.5
  7. Super Mario Party 17.78
  8. Pokemon Diamontd & Pearl 14.65
  9. Pokemon Let’s Go 14.53
  10. Ring Fit Adventure 14.09

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