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This Week in the War on Women, 6/5-11/2022: Toxic Masculinity Edition

In Other News


With the Roe v. Wade Decision Looming, Employers Are Rethinking Hiring in Certain States 

It will be an expensive proposition to protect women employees’ rights otherwise. 

…The cost of covering the procedure have ticked up in recent years. The median charge for an abortion from 2017 to 2020 was $560, which has since increased to $575 for abortions performed during the first trimester and $895 during the second trimester, according to an April 2022 study published in Health Affairs. These prices will only increase with more regulation.

Travel prices are also skyrocketing with record high fuel prices, rental car shortages, and pilot shortages hitting the airline industry. The U.S. currently harbors 27 abortion deserts,  or major cities where people must travel 100 miles or more to obtain abortion care, a number that will increase if Roe is overturned….

reuters fndn Lessons from around the world when abortion is banned

As the U.S. Supreme Court looks set to overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling that established the right to abortion, campaigners for abortion access from Africa to Latin America say the move could have devastating consequences. Abortion is completely banned in 26 countries: Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, Kenya, Madagascar, the Philippines [and] Another 50 nations only allow abortion when the woman’s health is at risk or in cases of rape or incest … More than three-quarters of countries have some kind of legal penalties related to abortion, which can include lengthy prison sentences or hefty fines for people having or assisting with the procedure [according to world map from the Center for Reproductive Rights dot org.]….

Trigger warning: The article starts with the story of a women who died after taking blackmarket abortion meds.

Sexual Assault

Simone Biles, other women seek $1B-plus from FBI over Nassar:

There’s no dispute that FBI agents in 2015 knew that the now-imprisoned Nassar was accused of assaulting gymnasts, but they failed to act, leaving him free to continue to target young women and girls for more than a year. He pleaded guilty in 2017 and is serving decades in prison.


The Justice Department in May said that it would not pursue criminal charges against former agents who were accused of giving inaccurate or incomplete responses during the inspector general’s investigation.

For background, more Larry Nassar news here,… (none of it this week’s news).

The Right Wing has more than One CreepY Problem

‘You gotta keep having babies’: TPUSA’s Benny Johnson demands conference full of underage girls start getting pregnant:

Turning Point USA held its Young Women’s Leadership Summit over the weekend. The event appears to have been designed to convince their high school- and college-aged audience to become subservient, “Christian” [white] mothers as soon as possible.


Benny Johnson’s version of this advice turned the most heads. Giving birth, Johnson posited, is like “having that sweet bite of ice cream or a slice of pizza.”


“You gotta keep having babies. I say this to all you out there, more Americans! More babies! Let’s go. Greatest country in the world. Let’s have more Americans.”

In light of the likely end to abortions in many places, anyone else feeling a “do it or we’ll make you” vibe? 

Trump (ew. His own brand of creepy)

$Rump and family will have to undergo questioning by NY AG Letitia James,… At least, that’s the latest, but I won’t be surprised if somehow the $Rumps delay again.

Who is Letitia James?

Raised in Brooklyn, NY, one of 8 children. Educated in public Brooklyn schools. BA from Lehman College, JD from Howard University, Master of Public Administration from Columbia University. First Black and first woman to be elected NY AG.

She doesn’t play around.: She goes after price gougers, scammers, guns, even Cuomo, “a sick, pathetic man”. So not too surprising that she’s the one who might finally bring some justice to some of the victims of the $Rump family.

If you didn’t know, now you know.

Then Again, Witches

from RNS How to make a thousand witches with one Supreme Court decision “Magic has always been, in lore and in life, a tool of the oppressed….”

…Women may turn to witchcraft when times get tough, but often any activity that a woman embraces in such times becomes demonized. In fact, the term witchcraft has been historically applied to all kinds of spiritual activities of marginalized people. Similarly, the word ‘witch’ itself was, and still is, thrown at any defiant or independent woman.

In her new book “In Defense of Witches,” French journalist Mona Chollet suggests women have come to embrace the epithet. Take, for example, a 1960s radical feminist group named W.I.T.C.H. — the Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell — to capitalize on this ideology. “The witch embodies woman free of all domination, all limitation,” Chollet writes. “She is an ideal to aim for; she shows us the way.”  

It is this legacy of independence and social defiance that sits at the heart of modern witchcraft and led to its rebirth into a modern, and increasingly popular, alternative religion.

Good News

Golf Clubs in UK are welcoming muslim women to their courses to learn about golf…

… a series of taster sessions aimed at Muslim women at golf courses in England and Scotland this summer. The women’s taster tour has been organised by Amir Malik, founder of the Muslim Golf Association and advocate for inclusivity in the game.

“Most Muslim women have never had the opportunity to play golf. But it’s the perfect sport for them,” he said. “There is no physical contact between players, and modest clothing and head coverings are no impediment.”

Within a few days of launching his taster roadshow online, 180 women had signed up. Another 500 are on a waiting list to take part.

Native Americans: from IndianCountryToday “TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – A standing-room-only crowd gathered in Tahlequah to celebrate the life and legacy of the Cherokee Nation’s first female principal chief, Wilma P. Mankiller, now immortalized on a U.S. quarter released June 6….

from The Conversation The ordination of the first [known] female rabbi 50 years ago has brought many changes – and some challenges

For nearly 2,000 years, the position of rabbi – which literally means “my master” or “my teacher” – was limited to men. The only exception during all those years had been Rabbi Regina Jonas, who was ordained in a private ceremony in Germany in 1935. Jonas perished at Auschwitz in 1944, and the details of her life were discovered in archives after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

…An estimated 1,500 women have become rabbis across every major Jewish denomination. After Rabbi Priesand in 1972, Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso was the first in the Reconstructionist movement in 1974, Rabbi Amy Eilberg in the Conservative movement in 1985 and Rabba Sara Hurwitz in Modern Orthodoxy in 2009. …

…Feminist Jewish theologians have questioned the ways in which God is described and understood, challenging the centrality of both male imagery and hierarchy in Jewish religious thinking, and leading to the production of prayer books with gender-inclusive language….

Civil rights advocate Xernona Clayton is still ‘fearless’:

A key aide to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. who helped sustain the civil rights movement in the 1960s says she’s deeply saddened by the hate crimes seeking to terrorize people across America.


“I’m fearless, for the most part. You know, I’m not afraid to tackle an issue,” Clayton said. “I’ll fight for what is right.”


It became her motto: “One person can make a difference. So don’t run away if you see a problem. See if there’s a way you can help,” she said. “I tell people all the time today, look around — there’s something you can do.”

A good motto for all of us: There’s something you can do. 

As always, this column is a group effort! Many thanks to officebss and mettle fatigue for items and discussion this week!

And as always, I will have to take care of Mom, but please discuss amongst yourselves and I’ll drop in later tonight. 

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