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10 Nintendo Characters Fans Love To Hate

Nintendo is responsible for a fair share of gaming’s most iconic characters. While characters like Mario and Pikachu have proven to be universally beloved for decades, there are some Nintendo characters that fans seem less keen on. These characters are not without their fans, although their general reception tends to be mixed to negative.

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It can be cathartic for fans to blow off steam by collectively expressing their frustration towards these more controversial Nintendo characters, creating a sort of love-hate relationship. No matter how annoying or inadequate these characters may seem, they remain an integral part of the gaming experience. So while some fans may not stand them, they also know that something would be missing if they weren’t there.

10 Waluigi’s Personality And Role In The Mario Series Can Be Divisive

Waluigi is one of Nintendo’s more divisive characters. Some find the character to be a lovable oddball, while many others write him off as a meme character. Waluigi was originally created for the purpose of Wario having a doubles partner in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64.

Many Waluigi haters consider him to be less effective as an evil counterpart to Luigi than Wario is to Mario. However, as Waluigi has been included in numerous Mario spin-offs through the years, his personality has continued to shine, to the delight and annoyance of many fans.

9 Mr. Resetti’s Intensity Could Be Either Admirable Or Frightening

In the earlier iterations of Animal Crossing, Mr. Resetti would chastise players for not properly saving their game. Resetti’s tirades could be longwinded and a slog to get through, not to mention frightening for younger players. His role in the series was significantly reduced starting with New Leaf.

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Many players have expressed a longing for Resetti’s presence and would come to admire his intense passion for his job. In New Horizons, a calmer Mr. Resetti can appear at The Roost to reflect on his previous position at the Reset Surveillance Center, allowing players to reconnect with him in a more calm way.

8 Porky Minch May Be Despicable, But He Is Not Purely Evil

Porky started in Earthbound as nothing more than an annoying neighbor but ended up as a truly despicable person during Mother 3. Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi considers Porky to be representative of the unpleasant qualities of humankind. While Porky may be a tyrannical ruler trying to exert force across the Nowhere Islands, he is still a kid at heart with a playroom stocked full of toys and trinkets.

Signs show that what Porky truly craves is friendship, proving that he is not pure evil. So while Porky’s actions may leave him beyond redemption, he still has some aspects that allow fans to better understand him on a deeper level.

7 Zubat May Be A Series Staple But Battling Them Is Annoying

Wild Pokémon encounters are an integral part of most Pokémon games. While players can usually avoid tall grass to evade these encounters, battling wild Pokémon is unavoidable inside caves. Players have felt frustrated by the constant fights with wild Pokémon like Zubat inside of these caves. Mt. Moon from the first generation Pokémon games is notorious for being flush with Zubats.

Zubat’s moveset only adds to the annoyance, particularly its reliance on moves that cause confusion and poison. Still, Zubat is a part of the original 151 Pokémon and for that, it undoubtedly holds a special place in many gamers’ hearts. It is no wonder that Zubat is one of the few Pokémon to appear in every regional Pokédex thus far.

6 Angry Sun Was Welcomed Back To The Mario Series Despite Being A Nuisance

Despite appearing in only two levels of its debut game, Super Mario Bros. 3, the Angry Sun has developed a reputation as one of the most irritating Mario enemies. It would chase Mario through the level, occasionally swooping down to try and hit him.

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Outside an appearance in the Desert Hills course from Mario Kart DS, the Angry Sun was absent from the Super Mario series for decades. Fans rejoiced to see the Angry Sun finally return in Super Mario Maker 2, this time with brand-new designs for the other Super Mario titles that the enemy originally missed out on.

5 Tingle Can Be Seen As Either Off-Putting Or Humorous

If there is any Legend of Zelda character that is as divisive as Waluigi is to Mario fans, it’s Tingle. Tingle is a grown man in a green bodysuit who floats in the air using balloons and claims to be a reincarnated fairy. Many find Tingle’s bizarre and immature behavior to be off-putting, while others find his eccentricities to be humorous.

While Tingle fits in the surreal world of Majora’s Mask, his inclusion in subsequent Zelda games seemed less natural. Tingle seems to have a more positive reception in Japan. as he has received three standalone games designed for the Japanese market.

4 Baby Mario Is Adorable But Also Annoying

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island is a landmark game for Nintendo as it kick-started the Yoshi series. It also introduced Baby Mario who, while cute, can be very annoying. Whenever Yoshi gets hit, Baby Mario is knocked off Yoshi’s back and trapped in an air bubble. He then proceeds to let out an ear-piercing cry that tarnishes an otherwise pleasant experience.

The creation of Baby Mario also opened the floodgates for Nintendo to create several other baby versions of characters like Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and more. While the constant inclusion of these babies in Mario games may seem pointless, they are just too adorable to stay mad at.

3 The Dog From Duck Hunt Can Be Cruel But Has Gained Some Favor In Recent Years

It would be hard to find a video game character that has earned more contempt than the dog from Duck Hunt. This character has been taunting players since the release of Duck Hunt in 1984.

If the player fails to shoot any ducks, the dog will pop up from behind the grass and laugh at their misfortune. This devilish dog has managed to gain some favor by pairing up with a duck to form a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series starting with Smash for 3DS / Wii U.

Ocarina of Time not only revolutionized the Legend of Zelda series but the entire landscape of 3D gaming. One less popular feature of the game is Navi, Link’s fairy companion. Navi was designed to guide players through the game, but many players found her to be more of a hindrance than helpful.

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Navi would constantly interrupt gameplay and repeatedly shout, “Hey! Listen!” to get the player’s attention. Navi has remained one of the most memorable characters in the Zelda series, even if many remember her as being more irritating than anything else.

1 Pink Gold Peach Is Such An Uninspired Character That It Is Comical

Pink Gold Peach is a character that debuted in Mario Kart 8 as an unlockable driver. Similar to Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach is a metallic version of Peach made of pink gold. While new characters created for Mario spin-offs are nothing new, Pink Gold Peach is seen as an uninspired choice for a new character.

She was seemingly created just to add another female heavyweight driver to the roster. Many players found humor in Pink Gold Peach’s on-the-nose name and design, which made her the target of several jokes and memes.

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