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What We Played – The Quarry, MH Rise Sunbreak & Redout 2

We all need a hero, right? Whether that’s Link turning up to battle Ganondorf or Jack Monroe fighting the political elite. We’re lucky enough to be surrounded by heroes in the gaming landscape, and perhaps we should take more of their examples to heart, particularly when it comes to talking to one another on Twitter. Genuinely, does it matter what box of silicon chips you have under the TV as long as you’re having fun with it?

I’ve been playing Redout 2, which is an insanely fast piece of pure future racing, as well as a ton of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. I’ve also snuck in some time with Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion, because dinosaurs are great.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Biosyn Therizinosaurus

Gamoc has continued his playthrough of Metal Gear Solid V and still thinks it’s great. It also sparked a moment of introspection within him, saying “I realised that the main reason I like Ghost Recon Wildlands is because it’s a worse, squad-based version of MGSV, which is what prompted me to play MGSV after Wildlands a few weeks ago.”

Entering a very different type of wild land, Nic B has started playing Monster Hunter Rise from scratch on a newly built PC – installing Windows 11 is fun! He’s blitzing through the campaign so he’s all set for the imminent release of Sunbreak, which he’s incredibly excited about.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Citadel hub

Aran has dipped back into more of the Xbox One back catalogue. He played through ReCore, right up until the power of having to find a load of cores to unlock the final tower, whereupon he gave up on it – “I wasn’t that invested in the game,” he said. He’s also been playing through and enjoying Gears 4, with that game and Gears 5 the only ones he’s yet to finish.

Reuben started, became obsessed with, and finished Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, doing so thanks to Game Pass – “Cannot believe I didn’t jump on it immediately!” He’s also been playing more of the new Fortnite season and Disney Magical World 2 on Switch.

It’s been a busy Supermassive kind of week for Jim, who’s been juggling The Quarry for review and The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope for pleasure. “It’s been interesting to see the nuances between the two, despite both being derived from the same Until Dawn-shaped template,” he said. He’s also been training up with the Warden while preparing for For Honor Y6S2.

The Quarry Screenshot

It was a continuation of Cyberpunk 2077 and lots of Dead by Daylight for Nick P, but he plans to play The Quarry this weekend. Tuffcub also promises to play something other than Destiny 2 this weekend. We’ll find out if he did next week!

Steve celebrating getting a shiny new PS5 and the successful transfer of all the games and data from my PS4 by playing through Devil’s Third on the Wii U, because of course he did. Still, he did follow that up with better games, by rattling through Trek to Yomi, setting up Horizon Forbidden West for a future play, and getting a bit excited for playing The Quarry as… research for a conference paper on horror games and nostalgia, and totally not because he likes playing horror games. His kids, on the other hand, are getting to play a lot of Nickelodeon Battle on the new PS5.

Finally, Tef got back into Gran Turismo 7 to catch up on the recent menu books and grab the new cars, but he also booted up Forza Motorsport 7 to ponder what the next, unnumbered Forza game might be like. Alongside that, he checked out the F1 Life and Supercars of the upcoming F1 22, and played a bit of Poinpy, one of the new games on Netflix.

Right, that’s all of us, so now it’s your turn. What have you been playing?


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